Real Estate Transactions

Over their careers, our professionals have been directly involved in underwriting and evaluating dozens of properties across all subsectors of the real estate market and at variouspoints in the real Estate cycle. Below is a list of closed real Estate transactions where members of our team were directly involved across various activities, including all or a subset of the following: underwriting, acquisition, financing, recapitalization, design and development, marketing, asset management, property management, leasing and disposition activities. In addition, our professionals have underwritten dozens of acquisition opportunities in the hospitality, office and multi-family spaces that were not consummated, most often based on that being the correct decision for ourselves as investors or the right advice for our clients. While those transactions are not part of the public domain and thus cannot be listed here, they have also significantly contributed to our team’s vast experience and acumen.

Everglades Prepatory Academy
Homestead, FL

Development Financing

The Lipstick Building
New York, NY

Acquisition, Partial Sale
$235mm Acquisition

Former NY Times HQ
New York, NY

$175mm Acquisition

MetLife Building
New York, NY

$1.72bn Acquisition

Paradise Island,
Bahamas/The Palm Dubai

Development, Brand Creation, Asset Management and Operations

125 High Street
Boston, MA

Asset Management

Las Vegas, NV


Miami Beach, FL

Development, Brand Creation Asset Management and Operations

Hyatt Hotels
Western Division


One & Only Palomilla
Cabo, Mexico

Acquisition, Development, Asset Management

Las Rozas Complex
Madrid, Spain

Portfolio Management

One & Only Resorts

Global Brand Creation and Launch

1641 N. 1st Street
San Jose, CA

Acquisition, Asset Management
$8mm Acquisition

Colorado Center
Santa Monica, CA

$444mm Disposition

Bering Drive R&D
San Jose, CA

Acquisition, Asset Management
$12.5mm Acquisition