Our firm’s culture is based on a bedrock of key principles that guide our interaction with our investors, our clients and each other.

Our Clients and Partners First. Our primary responsibility is to ensure the success of our clients and partners. The success of our professionals and of our firm is intrinsically linked to being exceptional fiduciaries of their interests.
Integrity. We have an uncompromising commitment to doing what is right and carefully hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We firmly believe that there is no other path to long-term success.
People. People are our most important asset. We seek to hire the very best possible individual for each role and focus on retaining those that are loyal to our firm, its principles and its high standards for work ethic and character.
Commitment to Excellence. We are singularly committed to achieving the highest level of professional excellence and delivering work product that is reflective of superior creativity, thorough analysis and attention to detail.
Teamwork. We are at our best when we work to develop and implement superior ideas through open dialogue and close collaboration amongst our professionals in an environment void of hierarchy or internal competition.
Intellectual Honesty. We are singularly focused on thoughtfully arriving, communicating and implementing the ideas unbiased by a short-term analysis of incentives. We believe that this is the only way to build strong, long-lasting bonds with our clients and partners.
Confidentiality. Our clients and partners regularly trust us with highly sensitive information. We value this trust immensely and guard the information that we receive with the strictest level of care.
Community. We feel a moral obligation to improve the communities where we work and believe that doing so is important for the personal development of our professionals, the sustainable growth of our economy and the strength of our firm.